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I'm alive, I think?

Oh, hi. Remember me? It's been a long time since I've posted here, hasn't it? I still exist. This LJ still exists. I think I just have to sign in every now and then to check in, then once again disappear.
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Did you realize that it's been a year and a half since I posted on LJ? I sure didn't I'm sorry about that and doubt anyone is even reading this anymore. Real life somehow gets in the way and since most of the people whom I interact with on a regular basis are on Facebook or, to a lesser extent, twitter, what little time and attention I have goes in those directions. Having stepped back a bit from the Takarazuka fandom (mostly for financial reasons), i found myself drifting away from LJ without even noticing. But I AM still a fan and still love it (heck, I'm going to see Tsukigumi on Monday!)

To give you an update on my life, after 5 years in Japan, I'm returning to the US. If you weren't aware, I've been an ALT through the JET program, but unfortunately there's a 5 year limit on the program. When I came to Japan, I never intended to stay this long. The plan was to maybe do 2 years and head back to my former profession. Hell, at that time, the limit on the JET program was 3 years. When the economy went to hell only a few months after my arrival, I found myself staying rather than deal with the miserable job market back in the States.

My last day of work in July 19th.
I have to leave my apartment by July 25th.
I'm leaving Japan on August 6th.


It's a crazy time. Job searching from abroad is a pain. I kinda gave up on trying to find web jobs in Japan because most require a higher level of Japanese than I am able to speak. My reading and listening comprehension are really high, but my speaking is miserable. (I passed JLPT N3 last year without studying at all, and was slated to take N2 this past weekend but was miserably sick. I want to try to take it again from the States, whenever the next test is held)

And somehow I can see myself actually picking this journal and Takarazuka and wiki stuff back up once I'm back in the US. Its strange that I'll have more time and motivation to work on things once I'm out of the country. I think a lot of it is that when you're doing EVERYTHING in Japanese all day and everyday, it's exhausting. But being separated from that, I can see myself wanting to keep up with things and fill things in just to keep up with my japanese
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I'm Baaaaaack

Or, at least, I'll try to be back ^^;

After 4 months in Malaysian airport purgatory, my laptop has been returned to me and I'm able to properly access the internet on something other than an iphone, borrowed laptops, etc. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to read LJ on an iPhone? I pretty much just gave up after a while - particularly as most of the people I was interacting with on a daily basis were on Facebook.

As a side note, I should really clean up my Twitter friends list so I can actually use it properly again. I had this habit of adding everyone and everything that caught my fancy, and thus the inundation of tweets kept me from following it. If I just cut it down to proper friends again, I should be able to keep up with people.

All of that said, I want to apologize to everyone for not keeping up with your lives. I know, it makes me a horrible friend, but I'm hoping to remedy the situation. I'm going to try and go through and catch up on what people are doing, but I'm guessing I'll only be able to make it back through a few weeks worth of posts (if that). I'm sorry for being out of the loop and hope you'll forgive my clueess-ness!
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(no subject)

It's amazing how out of the loop you can be just from missing a few days of Takarazuka news and not checking your friends page. I actually didn't find out until today that Kiriyan was retiring. And I actually found out from someone I work with who mentioned she'd read it in the newspaper ^^;;;

Well, more comments to come, I suppose!
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(no subject)

Yes, I'm alive! I realized, yet again, that my tweets weren't shipping out *le sigh*

I've been really, really, really bad about checking my flist lately. I seem to be running around doing this, that and the other. I mostly keep up with FB (and to a lesser extent, twitter) via my phone. Since LJ isn't quite so phone-friendly, it tends to be put on the back burner.

Let's see... What's been happening in Amanda Land? Saw tsukigumi twice on maeraku. I missed the mura ochakai, since it was while I was still home in the states. I'm missing Tokyo ochakai because I have to attend my school's Sports Day this coming weekend (then I have my two elementary school undoukai the following weekend on Saturday and Sunday, respectively). Just got my forms for Alice, so need to figure out when I'll see that. This is the first time I'll see Magee in Bow! The last time she was in Bow was when Tsuki did Hoffmann, the winter before I moved to Japan.

A while back, my friend (and next door neighbor) invited me to come home with her to New Zealand during Christmas if I wasn't doing anything. She then decided she was going to go to Africa instead, so those plans kinda got thrown away. However, turns out her Africa trip wasn't going to work out, so she's back to visiting to NZ.

So guess who is now taking a trip to Malaysia and New Zealand this coming Christmas? Her mom, whom I met several months ago when she visited Japan, is ridiculously excited for me to visit. She's demanding to let her take me camping and go on wine-tasting tours.

So here's my winter holiday schedule:
December 21-23: Malaysia (Kansai -> Kuala Lumpur)
December 23-January 7: New Zealand (Kuala Lumpur -> Christchurch)
January 7-9: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur -> Kansai)

While in Malaysia, we might do trip down to Singapore (Only $30 or so US round trip) or somewhere else in SE Asia (as Malaysia is so close to everywhere).

I'm sure I'll share more details once we arrange things. I'm just excited to spend my first Christmas in the middle of the summer!
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Tweets for Today

  • 02:11 need caffeine .... 2 am. cleaning and packing still. Have to leave in about 3 hours #
  • 06:27 Catching the Airport bus - ギリギリセーフ!!!! #
  • 06:30 I think I'm running on pure adrenaline at this point..., as long as I make it on my planes, I'm good #
  • 10:33 Dude!!! Guess who just got bumped up to business class for Narita - Washington!!!!, #
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Tweets for Today

  • 08:14 23 hours and 42 minutes until my first plane leaves the gate. Not that I'm counting or anything #
  • 08:30 @DJRanmaS no. Not at all. #
  • 09:16 @sora_power nowhere even close. I'm half thinking of staying up all night since inhale to be on first train, and to get used to time diff. #
  • 10:03 @sora_power yeah... Exactly. The 13 hour time difference is brutal. This way I'll sleep on the plane, too. #
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